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deligneThis site, its content, the graphic design and the Graphic User Interface have been created and optimized by Milko Dalla Battista by means of CMSimple_XH code released under the GPL3 license.

Christoph M. Becker's Plug-ins "XH_Shop", based on the "Wellrad" code by Martin Damken, "Wrapper" by Tillman Schuster, "Multimedia" by Gert Ebersbach, "PHPSlideshow" by Greg Lawler, " JM Cookie Control "by Jens Maegaard, each adapted to the needs of the site by Milko Dalla Battista.

The "IP2K19" template was created by Milko Dalla Battista based on the "Simplecrazy" project developed by Lance Gosby and based on XTOC, distributed under the GNU General Public License and has been adapted according to the conditions defined by the aforementioned legislation.

Many thanks to Christoph M. Becker and the CMSimple_XH community team for the cordially provided support.

All rights belong to the respective authors.