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Il Pennino

Where the passion for humor is born


Dino AloiBorn on in Turin 1964, Dino Aloi organized his first cartoon exhibition in 1981. In 1987 he established «Il Pennino d'Oro», renamed as «Il Pennino S.a.s.» in 1992. He organizes exhibitions and publishes books related to humor and satire.

Il Pennino manages/mounts exhibitions about historical themes, in Italy and abroad. It boasts an archive with over 40,000 satirical magazines, ranging from 1848, the year of publication of the first magazine, until often dedicated to local products through historical material expressly produced.

As a matter of fact, humor remains one of the best ways to talk and communicate messages, either for educational purposes or amusement. Il Pennino has also produced relative image coordination exhibition design and external communication for many of the exhibitions made on behalf of administrative bodies (municipalities and regions).

At the same time it runs humoristic advertising campaigns for various organizations and private companies, with the collaboration of the best Italian cartoonists.

Among others, some campaigns for Seat and subsidiaries companies (Pagine Gialle Elettroniche), ASL and Enel together Opera Advertising Company. For other private companies It has also organized and planned the realization of mascots, cartoon style. Il Pennino has made more than 200 publications in the past 30 years, as well as about 350 exhibitions since 1981.

With its fresh graphic style as well as an innovative communication system, dealing with all topics and products Il Pennino is able to retain its particular character to promote and spread new ideas, in fact it is definitely specialized in such a funny, and determined kind of communication.