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The Art of Smiling

Fifty precious limited edition prints

After twenty years of activity in humor drawings trade Il Pennino publishing house achieved a collection of valuable prints dedicated to The Art of Smile with 50 subjects to spread the culture of humor and the happyness through chosen drawings, small works of art, best masterpieces graphics created by artists of great national and international level.

Il Pennino new logo was designed by Gavino Sanna, a great master of advertising and communication. We thought it was the right occasion to use it in this new publishing initiative of merit and level.

All prints are made in limited edition with edge-to-dry and dry stamp with "L'Arte del Sorriso" logo, which we hope will become a kind of brand of graphics quality. This collection is made on watercolor 250 gr. paper, hand fringed and by high quality digital printing. Future editions are planned with short-run contemporary authors' tables consecutively numbered and signed in original by the artist. We believe that some boards can go out from newspapers pages which are usually designed for and landing to design and decor.

The work, carefully selected, may have an independent life and brighten the walls of houses and shops, while continuing to deliver smiles and convey emotions through the beauty and the care with which they are made with. The charm of the different styles we hope will contribute to offering a wide choice to suit different tastes.

Until now he had not yet tried to enter the art market these great artists who deserve a full maximum spread in order to be appreciated in the best way. On some of the works we have carried out some minor graphic work to strengthen the effect and yield. There are other sets of tables that will publish soon, with the same logic to propose works of the past combined with contemporary authors.

Dino Aloi

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