All thematic exhibitions by Il Pennino are available for events and shows. In addition to those available in the list below you can ask for feasibility studies about specific topics. All exhibits may be provided on rollup.
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Bruno Bozzetto

Fifty Years of Cartoon Movies

A complete educational exhibition about the works of an international master of cartoon animation. The making of a cartoon, through all steps of production, from idea to the backdrop, through the works by «Bozzetto Film». Reproductions, original drawings and transparencies. Two hours with film clips projection and a long interview with the artist, the brilliant inventor of Mr. Rossi, also available. More than 300 exhibits.

Benito Jacovitti

Anthology 1939-1997

A great tribute to one of the greatest humorists and author of Italian comics. His career revisited through his works, with jobs ranging from 1939 to 1997, year of his death. From the first drawings for «Vittorioso» unforgettable «Diario Vitt», through the rich world of fictional characters from “Cocco Bill” to the “Cip Arcipoliziotto” (“Cip the Supercop”).

Various Authors

History of Italy in the nib of Satire

The reconstructed history from 1848 to the present day through the major newspapers published in Italy. Through the richly illustrated covers it can reconstruct the major events that have characterized our past. Contemporary reproductions and newspapers. Exhibition modulated depending by available space.

Various Authors

The Scratched Smile

Over 400 pictures to tell the origins of fascism, from interventionism to the years of regime till the constitution. Particularly, a lot of drawings on Mussolini, even those published in favorable newspapers. An exhibition of historical and educational feature to analyze the years of our past. Thematic studies on racism, Republic of Salò and woman under the regime. Small solo exhibition by four great authors, Attalo, Scalarini, Leporini and Novello. Reproductions with additions of original newspapers.

Various Authors

From History to Satire

The history of Italy told by images of 400 drawings, from the Risorgimento to the present day, through facts and people, with chronology by historian Aldo Mola. A gallery of caricatures by Benny, Sironi, Bruna and Superbi completes the exposition. An exhibition of didactical feature with contemporary original documents, normally displayed in showcase pick out historical value of operation.

Various Authors

Imagined Woman, The Image of Woman

The woman seen from the fun and sometimes distorting lens of satire and humor, from the second half of the nineteenth century. From women driving stereotypes untill fashion. Exhibition is divided into topics and issues ranging from servant mistress relationship to famous women in caricature and from evolution of costume and dress to the image of woman as a wife and lover. A tracking following all clichés till vignettes drawn by women.

Various Authors

From Single Currency to Currency Alone
Ten Years of Euro

The tenth anniversary of euro seen by authors from around the world, particularly those of the European Community. One hundred artists, often with unpublished plates, commenting on the difficult economic times in which we live. An historical section from nineteenth century works with material telliing about birth of European, between irony and controversy.

Various Authors

Ludere et Ledere

An exhibition covering all types and genres of satire and humorous drawing, from jobs about jokes to those without words, by the great masters of the past through the animation till the caricature. A sort of starting point to understand how important and widespread this type of art is yet sometimes mistreated, but present in everyday life. The exhibition is complemented by a series of titles from great Italian film animation.

Agilulfo’s Middle Ages

Milko dalla Battista

Solo exposition by Carlo Squillante

So Ridere

The all-round humor of one of the most versatile Italian authors, cartoonist and illustrator, caricaturist and author of advertising campaigns. Carlo Squillante, in addition to collaborations for years with «Corriere dei Piccoli» and «Smemoranda» has developed the concept of “Light Art” to define humour and in the wake of this he composes his work giving rise to funny and ironic series as the “Manifessi”, digressions about art and architecture. Over 150 drawings.

Marco Biassoni

Marco Biassoni’s World

Solo exhibition by one of most interesting italian authors. Biassoni, maker of “King Arthur” character, starring many unforgettable «Carosello» episodes (“...arriva Lancillotto, succede un quarantotto...”), was a great advertising author that inventing, among other things, the image of a women standing in form of zed letter for «Zucca» liquors company and the little elephant for «Total» gasoline. Exhibition with original transparencies, drawings and animation.

Bruno Bozzetto

Mr. Rossi’s vignettes

Bruno Bozzetto, one of the world’s greatest masters of animation, from many years realizes cartoons mainly using his character “Signor Rossi” on Il Corriere della Sera magazine. This exhibition collects some of the most hilarious, critical and disenchanted satirical tables

Massimo Bucchi

Touch & Retouch

Solo exhibition by Massimo Bucchi, extraordinary cartoonist and thirty years contributor to La Repubblica newspaper. Bucchi is one of the finest and most incisive satirical cartoonist in Italian scene.

Ernesto Cattoni

The Art of Smiles

The artist has created over 15,000 cartoons during his long career that has led him to collaborate with many Italian and foreign newspapers, from Famiglia Cristiana to Relax and all related enigmatography publications. Always considered as poet of humor for sweetness which realize his drawings never losing sight of the funny side.

Giorgio Cavallo

The Indignant

Died in 1994, Cavallo was a great Italian artist well known so abroad in the fifties and sixties. The exhibition traces his entire career, from the early cartoons without words till his collaborations with Tuttolibri insert of La Stampa newspaper and Satyricon insert of La Repubblica. The exhibition includes original drawings, sketches, unpublished studies by the artist.

Lido Contemori

The illustrated world

Lido Contemori is one of the most exciting Italian authors, well-known abroad, for his refined tables of graphic humor that he’s going on delivering for newspapers and online publications. A gentle approach to meaningful humor.

Giuliano Rossetti

When you leave your sign

Irreverent and disrespectful, but very funny, a collection of the best works by Giuliano, author with naive tract, one of the best, highly personal and charming Italian authors. The artist expresses his genius with a unique and eye-catching signs. Over 150 tables, including originals and reproductions, retracing all his extraordinary career, from Ca Balà to La Repubblica.

Osvaldo Cavandoli

A Love of Line

Tribute to the great master of animation, creator of the character “Mr. Linea”, famous for his spots published all over the world and especially in Italy for «Lagostina». Transparencies, animation, cartoons and humorous tables to trace the career of the artist died in 2007. In support of exhibition, the sweetest drawings by colleagues at the news of his death.

Gianni Chiostri

Poetry of Smiles

Collection of tables without words of this great artist, an highly appreciated author by the Italian audience for his numerous collaborations with national newspapers but also known abroad in exhibitions and festivals in which he won prizes and awards. A lot of solo exhibitions in Italy and Europe.

Gianfranco Tartaglia


Solo exhibition by Gianfranco Tartaglia, a great Roman artist, collaborator of daily and weekly newspapers as «Il Messaggero» and «l’Europeo». Graphic designer, illustrator and advertiser, he entertains us from thirty years with his extraordinary humorous and satirical performance.

Pietro Ardito

Caricature in line

A tribute to Ardito, one of the greatest contemporary cartoonists, died in 2005. He was one of the essential and lightweight trait drawers of the Italian scene. The extraordinary similarity obtained with few signs, results from a life of study about physiognomy and physical features.

Sergio Staino

Bobo & other stories

Small retrospective about the long career of the talented Sergio Staino, maker of character “Bobo”, from thirty years protagonist of cartoons published on the newspaper «L’Unita», but versatile author and fascinating illustrator. A little tribute to this great artist, discovering some fun “behind the scenes”.

Various Authors

The TV of Smiles

Anthology of cartoons about TV since its inception in 1954 to the present day, with integration of contemporary tables. Over 200 drawings by Italian and French artists.

Various Authors

Costumi & Scostumati

A small anthology about swimwear through the evolution of Italian society since the mid-1800’s to the seventies, years of nudist camps. Funny graphic evolution as well as way of smiling, very different depending on the age. Particularly interesting is observing changing of fashion, widely covered by cartoonists from different eras.

Various Authors

Customized Woman

Collection of advertising from newspapers since the late nineteenth century to to present days. The image of the woman, from angel of the hearth to unscrupulous almost necessarily view by male collective imagination. Each image has a comment downplaying the serious and staid tone of advertising that otherwise would be very tedious. Divided into sections, from “no aging” till “woman object.”

Various Authors

120 Masters of Humor

120 authors reproduction exposure, playing with works from contemporary newspapers, from nineteenth century to the seventies. Biographies of each artist and notes recontextualizing the drawings. The analysis of styles and the evolution of design through a century, following changes of costumes. Among the other Redenti, Teja, Rubino, Tofano e Garretto.

Various Authors

Drawn Mafia

Historical research about theme of mafia with many unpublished works expressly. Never stop talking about a very difficult issue is the only way to prevent lowering attention. Some nineteenth century interesting cartoons in which Mafia and Camorra have already played a leading role in some satirical vignettes.

Various Authors

Fathers and Uncles of Homeland
Portraits of Italy in caricature

One hundred of the most important figures of the history of Italy in as many cartoons in which they are portrayed in caricature. Historical and educational exhibition, accompanied by biographical notes and photographs of the characters in order to allow comparison with the delightful caricatures. From the Risorgimento to the present day, the most important politicians who played a significant role, for better or for worse, portrayed by great cartoonists.

Various Authors

Pertini in caricature

Anthological show about the president “most loved by Italians”, as he was called during his task, from 1978 to 1985. More than an hundred tables that trace its history, even before the presidency. The exposition has historical feature and it wants to be a witness for not to forget an extraordinary man, holding of strong humanity.

Various Authors

Humorists in Piedmont

Research and collection of material about all humorists who have worked in Piedmont from the nineteenth century to the present day. More than 120 authors, with biographical notes and a large representation of their extraordinary work. From Casimiro Teja to Achille Superbi, from Redenti to Benny.

Various Authors

The progress...but laugh

Anthology of satirical drawings, from the nineteenth century, in which are represented all forms of progress, from the airplane to the gramophone, from cinema, to the telephone, greeted with astonishment and humor by cartoonists of contemporary time. Interesting vignettes on the moon landing.

Various Authors

Laughing & Selling

Anthology about advertising through humor, from the graphics illustrating products in wartime to recent examples. Interesting part about old “advertising”, thought as staid but enormously humorous today, reflecting an important change of way of communicating through a century. The exhibition is divided into various themes and approaches the topic to 360 degrees.

Various Authors

Humoristic brayings

Small anthology about mountain animals like donkeys and mules, as depicted in folk iconography. Humour drawings, illustrations and cartoons in which animals are the protagonists. Alongside a small tribute to two satirical magazines, on opposed political fronts, using names «The Donkey» and «The Mule» as headings, that slashed each other with blows of drawings. Exhibition is divided into thematic sections.

Various Authors

Di Vino (Di-wine)

Historical anthology with integration of contemporary artists on a topic that never sets. The wine is the protagonist, as well as the table, even on the cartoons from the nineteenth century, inspiring fascination, satirical and funny hints today as yesterday.

Various Authors

Christmas Greetings

Special cartoons. Those that designers exchange between them at Christmas. It may be original sheets, home prints, mimeograph, colored photocopies or letterpress printings. The trait that joins them is that decisive of humour and the wish to find every year a different joke that could surprise or strike in any way. A unique collection of its kind that you can’t find around as it comes from the personal archive of two Italian humorists. Drawings are mostly made by Italian artists but there are some interventions of foreign authors. The Christmas festivity takes on a cheerful flavor but often caustic, without distorting the meaning of the feast or being at all costs disrespectful. Over 200 designs.

Various Authors

All in the network
Internet in cartoons

Drawings by great masters of humor from all over the world. The theme is about internet, global communication and approach to the computer, instrument that over the years has taken over and has become indispensable for many things, adjusting the costume and becoming himself subject of humor. The authors (about seventy) come from Croatia, Serbia, Turkey, Germany, Ukraine, Japan, Poland, Cuba, Iran, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Sudan, Macedonia, Cyprus, Montenegro , Bulgaria, Romania, Egypt, Australia, Mexico, Indonesia, USA, Korea, Armenia, China, Uruguay, Canada, Italy, Paraguay and Bosnia. 150 drawings.

Various Authors

100 Italian Cartoonists
The best of the humor drawings

Some of the best cartoonists and satirists collected in an exhibition of original artworks ranging from early twentieth century to the present day. The common thread is the humor, with or without words. Representing all styles of graphics, from stylized to the illustrative. The most important and well-known signatures, from Cavandoli to Mannelli, from Contemori to Giuliano and Origone. Original works exposure.

Franco Bruna

The Cinema by Franco Bruna

An extraordinary collection of caricatures of American and Italian film actors of all time, made by a true master of this kind of art. The caricatures of Bruna, in both the strictness of black and white sign as in fresh and soft watercolors performance retain a freshness and delicious gentleness.

Various Authors

Guida al Consumorismo
(Guide to Humour Expenditure)

The best Italian cartoonists compare themselves about topic of consumption, from rising prices to transport, from unclear labels to all little tricks that every consumer should know. A didactic exhibition but absolutely hilarious.

Various Authors

The Mushroom, this well-known

A collection of cartoons about the mushroom by the best Italian authors. Interesting variety of graphic styles and approach to the topic proposed by each author in very subjective and personal ways. The best of the humor drawers, from Biassoni to Passepartout.

Guido Giordano

Un’idea voluminosa
The book according to Guido Giordano

Collection of cartoons and illustrations about the books and reading with aphorisms and puns by the artist Giordano. Hilarious, great for libraries and bookstores where the book takes the dominant figure he deserves, albeit jokingly above.

Angelo Olivieri

Cinema, my love
The tribute by Angelo Olivieri

Olivieri, a Roman artist, writer and satire exhibitions editor, always passionate cinephile, has created a series of strip to tribute his greatest passion. Refined and intriguing true film lovers. Over 100 designs.

Various Authors

Rifiuti Urbani Soliti
(Usual Urban waste)

The thorny and difficult issue of recycling seen from the pencil of the most brilliant Italian humorists, to smile but at the same time training a useful service to the whole community. The exhibition is divided into themes, from paper to plastic, from oils to drugs. Great artists in comparison, from Giuliano to De Angelis.

Various Authors

ImmorTali & Quali

An exhibition about the delicate issue of immortality revisited by best signatures of Italian humor, between interpretations and witty considerations. The life and death filtered through humor, with detachment and cynicism.

Various Authors

Una Repubblica affondata sul lavoro
(A Republic sunk by labor)

Six great artists of pencil and satire are questioning the delicate world of job. Contemori, Bartolozzi, De Angelis, D’Alfonso, Passepartout and Chiostri freely express opinions and views, about superannuation and unemployment, from Labor Day until the search for a job. With sarcastic and fun wit, without losing sight of professions, all hidden related is bring to light.

Various Authors

A come amore (“A” like Love)

Best of Italian humor comparing on theme of love, cynicism, irony and often delicacy and sweetness.

Various Authors

The Art of Caricature

Four great Italian artists, Franco Bruna, Achille Superbi, Pietro Ardito ed Enrico Sacchetti, with completely different styles and genres, show how the caricature is still an unknown and fascinating world. The variety of features and techniques used in wide different lets the viewer understand the work of artists and processes that each, in a very personal way, using.

Various Authors

Bucolica: the Ecology of Smiles

The theme of ecology and the relationship with nature, developed by Italian humorists with fun and sagacity in issues such as pollution and health. An unusual way to broach the subject to smile but at the same time reflect.

Various Authors

Music for Laughing

Overview of fifty Italian artists who have produced a hundred tables about music. A light and fun exposition to make people laugh and smile and see how the same theme has infinite forms of interpretation with different styles and approaches to humor.

Various Authors

Smooth as oil

Thematic exhibition about olive oil, particularly that from Liguria, but extendable to other types. About thirty of the best professional drawers compare themselves about a delicious local product. Can be coupled with a search on the same subject.

Various Authors

Stories of usual smile

The free and wordless humor, out of issues, but leaving the artists total and unlimited space has produced this exposition, unique in its kind for the variety of graphic styles. One hundred artists from all over the world, from Australia to Indonesia joined by sending their works to make us laugh.

Various Authors

The Truffle

Anthology of cartoons about one of the most interesting and “fragrant” local product. More than one hundred tables and the history of truffles specially drawn by Marco Biassoni, great humorist and advertising died in 2002. You can laugh at anything and humor artists never cease to teach us.

Various Authors

The Dream

Great Italian humorists make you smile on a particular theme like the dream, a subject that leaves freedom of interpretation and total space to the imagination. The result is excellent, plentiful and fun, as in best traditions of the happy ending.

Various Authors

Ironia sulla Sorte (Irony on Fate)

Superstition is something atavistic we have passed on for generations. From the humoristic point of view there is infinite number of compelling and irresistible matters. The exposition plays on these ideas and offers to drawers the opportunity to express themselves, without hesitation, about a topic that is sometimes taken far too “serious”. Better to laugh about it.

Various Authors

Nonsololatte (Not-only-milk)

The theme of the breast can be treated in various ways, among them certainly that inherent humor. The exhibition is a collection defiant but not coarse, which brings together some vintage drawings combined with works especially made by the most interesting signatures of the Italian scene of graphics. A small solo exposition by Biassoni, absolutely on topic completes exposure.